Over the years I’ve retired many interesting projects. I’ve pulled their web sites from the rotation because I don’t maintain them, so they contain outdated information, broken links and ugly web design. But they do contain some interesting info, so I leave them accessible for those who care to dig:


Electronic Sculpture Portfolio Site 1990-2000


I worked throughout the nineties, and for much of the oughties, in the contemporary art gallery system, designing showing and selling, in and to museums and galleries across the US. I kept a complete online portfolio. Some of the key pieces I’ve pulled forward into this current site, but the original archives contain a great many more artworks, with some good details. I’ve dismantled most of the site, but retained a good portion of the sculpture descriptions.


Learn Electronic Sculpture teaching site ca. 1995-2000


Later in my art career I began teaching at the college level. I focused on enabling tinkerers, makers, hobbyists and artists to gain skills and work toward realizing their dreams to build cool interactive machines. I thought that I might teach these things often, so I built a site to support it. I haven’t taught in years, but I keep the site around because the courses were cool and it makes me happy to remember how much people enjoyed them. Archived here.


Time Systems Conceptual Products ca. 1999-2004


After I left the commercial art world, I continued to make experimental work, focusing more on product-like customized experiences, objects which were tailored to their owners, and captured some ephemeral element of their lives. These were conceptual products, and too far outside the art mainstream to make sense to, and in, it. I keep them archived here because they share some common purpose with, and draw an interesting thread toward, my later work in ambient computing.


The Creative Peripherals Project ca. 2002-2006


A site describing efforts to create subtle experimental indicators. The original site is here, and since this is an area in which I will likely always remain active, there is a details page in the projects section of this site too.


Aiosphere ambient information objects development journal ca. 2006-2010


When I realized that USB was not going to be the platform for ambient computing, I began to design a radio network and cloud architecture. Though the blog is no longer maintained, its work is still ongoing after almost a decade of background effort, whenever I find the time outside my intense career as an innovator in the toy industry. aiosphere.com was a journal for my research and learning around the early Internet of Things.


Early writings

My first art web site was back in the dark ages (early nineties).  I was one of the earliest adopters of the idea of an online resume and portfolio.  (I was also one of the first artists to move to digital photography, which is why all the older images are such shite across site, from the vantage of the second decade of the 21st century.)  My original site is just too moribund to reproduce here so I’ve archived some early writing on this page instead.