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    The Apptivity line of screen toys for iPad

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Apptivity is the Mattel brand name for a series of toys based on an invention of mine.  These toys can be uniquely recognized when placed on the screen of a mobile device like an iPad or iPhone, and so can “live” in a game world.

I created and proved the technology, designed and built a series of toy prototypes, created game demos for them, and socialized them to leadership.  The result was the Apptivity line of products.

I continued to invent, create, design and implement throughout the course of the Apptivity brand project. I helped build robust commercial reusable software IP for toy recognition; engineered many unique materials and pattern systems for a variety of toys and toy features (for example, press on the hood scoop of a Hot Wheels screen racer to fire a weapon); and helped design both the toys themselves and the game experiences.

I engineered the electromechanical system for each toy in the line, designed the software, architected custom SDKs for each game developer, worked with them to integrate the toy and game systems, and finally managed extensive testing of the objects in custom test software and the target games.

I helped design, engineer and develop toys and their corresponding digital games for Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Fruit Ninja, Monster High, Hot Wheels, Batman and WWE lines of screen toys.

This invention won “Excellence in Electronic Toy or Game Design” at the Toy & Game Inventor Awards 2012. Internally, the work received the Matty award for electronic innovation.