• Convertor 1 full
  • Convertor 1 with bill
  • Convertor 1 saying
  • Convertor 1 lock
  • Convertor 1 handle
  • Convertor 1 back
  • Convertor 1 back

The machines shown here were both originally designed as private Tzedakah boxes. Each features a database of proverbs about charity and thrift. A random saying is scrolled across the screen upon each donation. They accept one, five, ten and twenty-dollar bills.

The first machine was designed on commission for the San Francisco Jewish Museum, and now lives in the Magnes Museum. The second box was a private commission.

I also built a more complex donation machine for Yerba Buena Center For The Arts, San Francisco. There’s a world of possibility around the concept of providing visitors with interactive experiences to entice and reward financial support. I’d love to do more machines someday.