I researched, engineered, specified, and managed production of this prop replica for the adult collector market. I’m proud of the carefully-researched prop-replica mode, which I designed from dailies from the original movie.

But I’m especially proud of my design for a motorized body and color-LED animation system, and my work programming light, sound and motion sequences for the product’s movie-spirit mode. True-to-film lights and timing, great opening and closing effects, some killer machine sounds, nice blue electrical sparks, and for extra credit I threw in a captured ghost banging around in there at random intervals. Sound designer Matt Thorne did some great mixes for the opening and closing sequences.

Overall the prop was very well received by a pretty tough crowd. Nice details and kudos here, and lots of photos here. The trap sold out quickly, and they have been going for between two and four hundred dollars on eBay ever since; nice community vote for our adult collector innovation products!

A note on scarcity: I see a fair number of opinions that we may be purposely employing some sort of enforced-rarity strategy, but that isn’t true. Occasionally we underestimate the popularity of one of our ideas; but what value could any company have in seeing items resold for more on the secondary market when, if they had made more items in the first place, they could have sold them?

A final detail: my original design for this item had everything in the final product, but also smoke! In a dim room, when the doors opened and the interior glowed pulsing red, smoke flowed out of the box. When you captured a ghost, I reversed a tiny fan inside and the smoke sucked back in as the doors closed; the effect was just like in the film, and it was amazing!! Unfortunately the feature proved too complex to produce, so we had to remove it.

Here’s an interview with me in conjunction with the original release of the Ghost Trap prop replica.

Images borrowed from MTV Geek and Plastic Maniac.