I researched, engineered, specified, and managed production of this prop replica for the adult collector market. This is a very carefully researched prop replica based on detailed study of both the first and second films in the series. It features vI and vII modes, which alter the LED and sound sequences to match their differences in the two films.

I originally planned to make the meter have some imaginitive features, perhaps the ability to detect ghost figure accessories. But Carl Kamph, the designer on the project, was adamant that this item be a perfectly-realized prop replica.

So, rather than give the meter any automatic behavior as scripted in the films, I hewed faithfully to the design of the original prop: it was “performed” by the actors during filming: arms are raised and lowered by button presses, and the rate of activity controlled by a knob.

This one was a lot of work to get right. I bought an original Iona polisher off eBay (the housing from which the original prop was built), and we used it as an exact design and scale reference. I had to go to China to finalize the programming and mechanical engineering. But it came out well!

Overall the prop was very well received by the collector community. A review with nice photos from Captain Toy, a review with good details from MTV Geek, and a nice comparison between the prop replica and the polisher from Ghostbusters Fans.

The meter sold out in a couple of days. It has been going for between two and five hundred dollars on eBay since. A great vote from the community for our adult collector innovation products.

A note on scarcity: I see a fair number of opinions that we may be purposely employing some sort of enforced-rarity strategy, but that isn’t true. Occasionally we underestimate the popularity of one of our ideas; but what value could any company have in seeing items resold for more on the secondary market when, if they had made more items in the first place, they could have sold them?

Images borrowed from Captain Toy and Ghostbusters Fans.