• LightUpHalJordanCloseUp

    Movie Masters Deluxe 12″ Hal Jordan at Toy Fair

  • LightUpHalJordanDaylight720

    Movie Masters Deluxe 12″ Hal Jordan figure, base and ring

  • LightUpHalJordanDarkTorso720

    Movie Masters Deluxe 12″ Hal Jordan torso glow

  • LightUpHalJordanDarkBase720

    Movie Masters Deluxe 12″ Hal Jordan base glow


The Movie Masters Deluxe 12″ Hal Jordan, for Mattel’s Adult Collector business, was an opportunity for me to do something amazing. All the input I had from leadership was “we need the most amazing collectable figure ever”. I created a concept for a light-up figure with an array of LEDs inside the body, and extremely complex sound-synchronized animations, triggered by the owner of the ring.


  • I designed the concept, electronics, hardware, programming and animation routines for this product.
  • I designed a base with “power forge” action, and awesome light and sound routines on its own. The figure’s complex animation routines can be triggered with a magnetic ring. When the ring is on the base, the base illuminates the ring to show it’s power.
  • I created a simulator system to design, review and test animation sequences without the schedule impact of embedded systems programming cycles.
  • I created and protected a novel means of creating animations in toys.
  • I built hardware prototypes to verify the accuracy of the simulations before production.
  • I designed a communications system so that the base and the figure can act in concert. The figure is powered by the base so that its sculptural detail would not be degraded by battery doors etc.


This limited-release product was popular at Toy Fair, and well-reviewed online.

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